How will the baby gain weight during pregnancy?

How will the baby gain weight during pregnancy? Today we will know, how much weight you should gain during pregnancy, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, how to control the weight of a pregnant mother, what happens if the mother gains less weight during pregnancy, and What can happen if the pregnant mother gains excess weight? and how should the weight gain of the pregnant mother? 

Many times we hear of malnourished children. Everyone in the family says that the mother has been given a lot of good food, but why is the baby malnourished?

If people had looked at the answer to this why early in pregnancy, babies wouldn’t have died in the hospital 1 or 2 days after being born malnourished. Babies weighing less than 2 kg are usually very difficult to save after birth. Among them, 70% of babies have a chance of survival. And babies weighing less than one and a half kg die in 99%.

At 7 months of pregnancy, people are interested becomes to know what their baby will be by doing an ultrasound. Only 20% of people want to know the weight of the baby. But it is very important to know. If the weight of the baby is 1 kg or more in 7 months, it should be understood that the baby is growing well because the growth of the baby is more in the last 3 months.

In the first 6-7 months, the baby’s growth rate is slow. Even if the weight of the baby is 800-900 grams in 7 months, there is nothing to worry about in this case the mother’s food should be looked at better. However, if the child’s weight is less than this, you must follow the advice of the doctor and take vitamin medicines.

See how the baby will gain weight during pregnancy?

1. Chickpeas: 

Everyone knows that eating chickpeas leads to weight gain. It is a high-protein food that increases the weight of the baby in the womb. Make chickpeas and eat them and the child will get nutrition. However, raw chickpeas soaked in water are not at all.

2. Lentils: 

Lentils have high protein and sugars. It is beneficial for the fetus. Include 2 cups of lentils in your daily diet.

3. Noodles:

Noodles that are called tata when dieting No one is left to know. It is an ideal food for a pregnant woman as it is harmful to a fat person. Eat noodles for breakfast or afternoon snacks 3-4 days a week, your unborn baby will gain weight faster.

4. Baby Chicken:

 Many people believe that milk or eggs will increase the baby’s weight. But that’s not right. Milk and eggs are said to only keep the mother healthy, it is not related to the baby’s weight gain. Along with milk, and eggs, the mother should feed the baby chicken or pigeon meat. It will increase the baby’s weight and keep the mother healthy after delivery.

5. Fish:

 Not big fish, but small sea or river fish are effective in weight gain of babies. For example Baspata, Pabda, Prawns, Maya, Mala, etc. However, Prawns are more beneficial during pregnancy.

6. Mangoes:

 Ripe mangoes increase the baby’s weight very quickly. If you are pregnant during the mango season, this is the best food for you and your baby.

7. Spinach: 

Among the green vegetables, spinach helps to increase the weight of the baby more. So don’t forget to include spinach in the food list. It has a lot of iron.

8. Chira: 

As chira is beneficial for the body, it increases the baby’s weight. During pregnancy, many people are very nauseous and cannot eat. They can soak chira and eat it. Chira removes nausea. Increases the taste of food and increases the weight of the child.

How will the baby gain weight during pregnancy?

Now let’s come to How to control the weight of a pregnant mother-

Weight gain during pregnancy varies from individual to individual. Part of the weight gain during pregnancy is fat that accumulates in women’s bodies during pregnancy. The rest is the weight of the fetus, the amniotic sac, the special fluid in which the baby floats, and the amount of blood and other fluids that the mother’s body grows. 

You should not lose weight by eating less during pregnancy. It may harm the unborn child. You should not eat the food of the two and you should not eat full-fat milk. The reality is that the first six months do not need extra calories. At this time like all other girls, I should take 2000 calories daily. Only the last three months require an extra 200 calories per day.

What happens if the mother loses weight during pregnancy-

If the weight gain during pregnancy is less than the target, the baby may be delivered prematurely and the baby may be small and underweight. A child being underweight means that the child’s body has not been able to accumulate the necessary fat.

This can happen if your nutrition is poor during pregnancy or you are underweight before conception. But some girls are naturally healthy, do not gain much weight during pregnancy but give birth to healthy normal babies.

What can happen if the pregnant mother is overweight-

Too much weight gain during pregnancy can have a negative impact on your health. Your blood pressure may increase. Complications that can occur when John overgrows are-

Gestational diabetes: Gestational diabetes can occur due to excess glucose in the blood, due to which the baby may be larger.

Being overweight can cause problems during delivery and cause high blood pressure. If bhajan increases more than it should during pregnancy, chances of natural birth decrease. Then you may need to undergo a cesarean section. Losing weight after having a baby can be difficult.

However, it should be remembered that under no circumstances should you try to lose weight by eating less during pregnancy. It may harm the unborn child. What matters is whether you are eating healthily. You can also exercise safely during pregnancy.

But before that, you need to know which exercises are safe for you with expert advice.

What should be the weight gain of the pregnant mother-

It is normal to gain weight from 10 to 12 kg at this time. However, it depends on pre-pregnancy weight. Mothers whose BMI is 19 (Body Match Index) can gain up to 17 kg, but if the BMI is more than 25, it is enough to gain up to 7 kg.

How much weight gain is normal for pregnant women depends on your BMI or Body-Mass-Index.

Check out the handy calculator below to find your BMI.
BMI= Your weight (in kg)/height (in meters)* height (in meters).

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