5 signsw ill tell if the moisture of the skin is decreasing or not

Many people think that skin problems vary depending on the season. Dermatologists, however, do not agree with this. If there is a problem with the skin, it is always there. In some seasons it rears its head. Such as loss of skin moisture. Although this problem is more common in summer, the skin can also become dry during monsoon moisture of the skin is decreasing. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun have a harmful effect on the skin. The skin begins to lose moisture. Apart from that, commuting to and from office has also started now. As a result, you have to spend a long time in an air-conditioned environment. Wrinkles are appearing in the skin at a young age due to lack of sufficient moisture.

How to understand the skin is losing moisture?

1) Skin rash, itching, acne.

2) Skin becoming overly sensitive. Redness on the skin, itching.

3) Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes.

4) Decreased skin brightness. The skin gradually becomes dull.

5) Dehydrated skin becomes extremely dry. Various red spots on dry skin.

3 Habits: It is important to change the skin to maintain its elasticity

Many people try different ways to maintain the glow of the skin. Someone goes to the parlor. Some people do make-up at home. Many also use various marketed cosmetics. No one spares effort to regain the lost skin area. Even in that many times, the benefits are not available. The skin becomes rough and lifeless. Dermatologists have given a solution for this. According to them, it is important to solve the problem from the source. That is, it is necessary to find out the reason why the moisture of the skin is decreasing is getting rough even after so many efforts. It is important to know that due to some of our habits the skin is losing its own charm.

1) Smoking habit

Cigarettes are high in nicotine. Nicotine due to excessive smoking prevents adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to each cell of the skin. Nicotine prevents the production of collagen and protein, essential nutrients for the skin. Smoking can cause premature aging.

2) Not washing your face before going to sleep

Taking care of the skin before going to bed at night is a big part of the routine. Accumulation of dust in skin cells throughout the day. If they remain on the skin for a long time, they can cause various skin problems. It is essential to wash your face with a face wash after returning home from outside and before going to bed at night.

3) Sleeping late at night

Not enough sleep affects not only the body but also the skin. The skin produces collagen at night. Not getting enough sleep can damage the skin. Lack of sleep is also a cause of dark circles under the eyes. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is required to keep the skin healthy moisture of the skin is decreasing.

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