How to become fat from thin

How to become fat from thin – There are many people who want to become fat all over the world. A large proportion of these is again very poor families. But I have also seen many boys and girls in big houses who are very unhealthy. What causes it? Although my opinion on this matter may not agree with everyone, I think resentment and excessive stress towards life and lifestyle prevent people from getting healthy. Wake up early in the morning. Even if you don’t sleep well at night, you have to get up. Waking up in the morning means keeping yourself in a cheerful frame of mind throughout the day. First, drink a glass of water and do light exercise. Drink another glass of water after exercise.

Breakfast may be late, or you may be fed something you don’t like. No problem, find out if last night’s rice is available. If available, take one onion, two red chilies, and one spoon of iodized anti-goiter salt. Then make panta rice with water and eat it. The biggest advantage is that no matter how big of a foodie you are, this panta rice is bound to fill your stomach. After that, many people do not eat anything before noon. But from now on no more to eat. So these tips are given to those who are suffering from dry bodies. If you follow these tips from morning to night, Inshallah, hopefully, you will get success within one to one and a half months.

Tips-1 Slim Health Weight Gain Foods:

If you eat nutritious food regularly and get a good night’s sleep, you can quickly improve your health. If you can’t sleep, your body can’t retain calories. At night finish eating early and go to sleep early.


 Eat meals for a specific period of time. You finished breakfast within an hour of waking up in the morning. You can eat a lot in the morning. There is no harm in eating hamburgers, fries, and chicken breast.

Tips-3 Protein foods for weight gain:

Eating soft drinks and fatty foods increases obesity. It contains more insulin produces the hormone insulin. You sent with which the body accumulates carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Drink water, not soft drinks, when eating fatty foods. You cannot eat fatty foods while taking them. Thin health is the way to fat.


Eating energy food will make you fat. If the body does not have energy food, the body does not have energy, let alone fat. For example, let’s say you can never run a laptop computer on battery unless plugged in. The body is no exception. Below are some foods for those who want to get fat from the heart, eat them regularly and you will definitely get fat. Ghee/butter, eggs, paneer/cheese, soft drinks, beef, fried potatoes, sweets, chocolate, mayonnaise, etc. very

  • Tips-5

 Stay stress-free. Exercise regularly. Exercise increases appetite and relieves tension. Exercise stimulates every cell in the human body. and helps in fattening. Many people throw away the fan that comes with the rice. But this fan has a lot of power. Milk and honey before bed: Mix two spoons of honey in a glass of milk just before bed and fall asleep. It helps a lot in getting fat.


Eat lots of fruits. Fruits are nutritious foods that are high in calories. Eat fruits and fruit juices daily. Eat a variety of syrups, cubes, gums, jams, and jellies made from fatty fruits that will make you a healthy fat.

Tips 7

The market is loaded with dietary supplements, which can make you gain weight in a short period of time. But it is important to remember that these dietary supplements are full of many artificial nutrients, which may temporarily increase weight but permanently destroy your health. Therefore, consult your nutritionist or family doctor before consuming anything. Second, these supplements will come in handy during your meals. Your body needs the right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Sticking to a healthy diet that is free of nuts and dairy products and exclusive of alcohol will help you get quick results.

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