Home remedies for dandruff

Home remedies for dandruff: There is no difference between men and women in the problem of dandruff. Teenagers, young adults, or young adults can be seen rejoicing with dandruff. Keeping hair dandruff under control is impossible for many people! But by using various natural ingredients, you can control dandruff at home. Know some easy ways to get rid of dandruff with Newalltips. Why does dandruff occur? Dandruff can occur for many reasons. The most common cause of dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis or an oily and itchy skin condition. 

There is a type of fungus called Melasegia. All adults have the Melasegia fungus on their scalps. Malassezia helps in the growth of new skin cells. But this fungus can be dangerous in oily conditions with an accumulation of dirt on the skin. The extra skin cells that are produced in this condition die and fall off. White-yellow dandruff that falls from the head is actually our dead skin cells. However, apart from the head, dandruff can also occur on other parts of the body including the armpits, and groin. Apart from this, dry skin is also a common cause of dandruff. Small dead cells on dry skin contribute to the formation of dandruff.

However, if you have dandruff because of this, you will feel it immediately, because dry skin patterns can be seen on other body parts besides the head. However, dandruff needs to be treated quickly. Otherwise, this problem can cause various problems including hair loss.

Here are some home remedies for dandruff using natural ingredients:

Olive oil:

The use of olive oil or olive oil to eliminate the problem of dandruff is very popular in many countries. Regular use of olive oil reduces dandruff. This is because olive oil naturally acts as a good moisturizer and cleanser or ensures the skin’s moisture and cleanliness. 

Camphor and coconut oil:

Coconut oil and camphor oil are rich in various herbal properties. Take one teaspoon of camphor in half a cup of coconut oil and keep it in a bottle or container. Care should be taken to ensure that the mouth of the bottle is well fitted or that the lid of the container is tightly closed so that air does not get inside. Take some oil from a container kept like this in a dry place and apply it to your head every night before going to bed. Apply to the roots of the hair by rubbing it for ten minutes. Wash thoroughly in the morning. If you get to benefit from using it like this for two consecutive weeks, gradually reduce it every other day or more. 

Baking Soda: 

Wet your head with lukewarm water and apply some baking soda all over your head. Scrub well and wash off with water without shampooing. It suppresses the fungus on the scalp and can initially over-dry the skin. But in a short time, the normal oily condition of the skin will return. But at this time you will get rid of dandruff.

Lemon juice: 

Take two tablespoons of lemon juice and rub it all over your hair. Wash with water. Now take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with a cup of water. Wash your head with water mixed with lemon juice. You can continue this lemon treatment every day until dandruff subsides. 

Aloe vera:

Dandruff-rich aloe vera juice applied to the scalp will provide great relief. The cool relief of aloe vera juice will also give you some respite from the day and night itching caused by dandruff. The rich ingredients of this plant juice will cure many of your skin problems.

Fenugreek Oil:

Mix fenugreek with plain coconut oil and keep it in a bottle for a few days. Apply this fenugreek mixed oil on your head regularly. Apply at night and wash off thoroughly in the morning. In this way, the scalp and skin will be good with regular use. You will also get rid of dandruff.


We may not know the many uses of salt that we use every day. Try using salt lightly on the scalp. As a natural cleanser, salt works great in removing dandruff. By using mild salt and then shampooing, you can use the full benefits of the shampoo. Apart from this, the salt treatment will also give you great relief from the itchy scalp.

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