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Forum Site is very useful backlink for your site. In short, forum sites are great for Dofollow backlinks. You can get backlinks to your site through posts, signatures, and comments. People around Dofollow forum sites are very good at this. I hope you know.

And what is more important for backlinks is Dofollow backlink. Which forum site is always in a build-up state, And here is a big advantage. Because no follow link has no value for a backlink on your site.

How to Forum Set profile

Once the registration is done, your next task is to set up your profile. Always remember that you should never use the forum for spamming. Always comment or post on a topic basis. Try to discuss any topic.

Anyway, go to the profile and you will see that there is an option for a Home Page URL. You should use your site link there. Apart from that, it will work even if you don’t give other things.

Set the signature

This is your biggest task for backlinks. For this you go to Edit Signature from your control panel. Now from there, you select a keyword for your site. For example, I used keywords for my site SEO Tutorial. You are here. Never use only site links. Because if you use keywords like me then it will be used as encore text of the backlink. This encore text is very important for backlinks and search engines. Now you select this text and click on the part shown in the image. Add your site’s link to the hyperlink.

For Example some Hyperlinks Forum Site Support:

<a href=””>Forum Posting site</a>
[url=]Forum Posting site[/url]
[](Forum Posting site)

How to Forum site Post and comment.

For backlinking feathers repeatedly you need to post and post to the forum.

  1. Don’t use Eprasync at all. Because the forum admin is very vigilant about spamming.
  2. You can read the post first for better commenting.
  3. Do not 1st 5 post any links in the comments.

To save time you can send messages like thank you for your excellent post or very good information, thanks author, etc.

50 High DR Free Forum Submission Site:

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