10 types of cancer are affected more people

10 types of cancer are affected more people. In addition to weather and climate change, the number of cancer patients in the country is increasing as a result of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. According to the estimated date of the international organization Globocon, there are about 35 types of cancer in Bangladesh.

Out of this, about 10 types of cancer are affecting people more. The disease occurs in all parts of the human body. However, the latest cancer registration data from the National Cancer Research Institute and Hospital says that lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women are increasing in the country.

Among the top 10 types of cancer, regardless of men and women, are respectively lung (17.4 percent), breast (13.4 percent), cervix (10.9 percent), esophagus (4.9 percent), and stomach (4.3 percent). , liver (3.9 percent), lymph gland (3.8 percent), colon (3.1 percent), cheek (3 percent), and gall bladder (1.5 percent) cancers. Top cancer among men is lung (26.6 percent) and breast cancer among women is 29.3 percent.

Director of Health Department (Administration) Professor Dr. Md. Shamsul Islam said environment and diet is a major causes of cancer.

It should be considered whether many people are suffering from cancer due to various habits including smoking. Besides, the capacity to control it should be increased. Policymakers need to pay attention to this issue. Individual gender and age should be given importance. It should also be seen at which age people are more affected by cancer. 10 types of cancer are more common in people.

The seventh cancer registry report of the capital’s cancer research institute and the hospital was published on December 7. Dr. Associate Professor of the Epidemiology Department of the Institute about this research.

Md. Zahirul Islam said that 55 percent of the patients who come to the cancer hospital are women. The remaining 45 percent are men. 26.6 percent of men are affected by lung cancer. And 29.3 percent of women are breast cancer patients. That is, the number of lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women is higher by gender.

According to the published report of 2018-2020, a total of 83 thousand 795 patients came for treatment in the outpatient department of the National Cancer Hospital in three years. Of whom 35 thousand 733 (42.6 percent) have been diagnosed with the terminal or primary cancer. They are included in the registry. Among the registered patients, 19 thousand 546 (55 percent) were male and 16 thousand 187 (45 percent) were female.

The director of the non-communicable disease control branch of the Department of Health, Dr. Md. Robed Amin said the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a national population-based study once in 2013, but not again. This is important. But the question is how much Bangladesh is ready for this.10 types of cancer are affected more people.

He said, a study includes everything from the diagnosis of the patient to the stage of his condition, where he can stop. Which is much more difficult. Because there is a substantial lack of diagnosis and facilities.

Advisor to the Center for Cancer Prevention and Research (CCPR) and the head of the epidemiology department of the National Cancer Research Hospital Dr. Habibullah Talukdar Ruskin talks about a turning point. He said the whole system of collecting, storing, analyzing, and publishing the necessary information about cancer patients in the form of reports is called a cancer registry or registration. Generally, there are two types of cancer registration, hospital-based and community-based.

Experts also said that cancer treatment costs more in the country. So the state should give the most importance to this place. Technology in medicine has improved the most, but the treatment of the disease is still lagging behind as cancer is not detected at an early stage in the country.

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